Qubbe Garden, next to the Bahçeköy Walls, which carries the future of history, and all the natural spots in the forest, are romantic.
It promises country weddings. Luxurious touches to nature from Qubbe..

The weddings that take place in Qubbe Garden, where elegance meets nature, transform the wedding meals into a festival of flavors with the Qubbe’s management team and exclusive menus from the Ottoman palace cuisine.

In the area where country weddings for 900 people in sit-down dining and 2500 people in cocktail order will take place, details such as sound, light, DJ music, standard accessories are included in the invitation menus. Qubbe Garden, where corporate invitations such as engagement, henna night, daytime wedding ceremonies, picnics and company dinners are also residing in addition to wedding organizations, became one of the most preferred venues for invitations in a very short time with its quality service and unbounded approach to luxury.

Qubbe Istanbul, located on the 26th floor of Maslak Sheraton Hotel, the first birthplace of the brand; Qubbe Istanbul, which has been hosting 425 invitations in four years since November 2010 and remains with happy memories in the memories of 62,000 people; In a short time, it found wide coverage in the domestic and foreign press. According to the special news of Platin magazine; BurjElHalife on the 122nd floor in Dubai, Sirocco on the 63rd floor in Bankok, and the Sky Tower located at 190 meters in New Zealand are among the highest and royal venues in the world. It also featured extensively in Air France’s travel magazine.

With the all-inclusive service package, Qubbe Garden, which presents all services from rich standard decorations to sound music and special mono pasta treats, leaves you to enjoy the east and luxury.

Dinner Capacity: 750 – 1000 px
Cocktail Capacity: 1000 – 2000 px