Would you like to protect your dreams and sign a permanent wedding in a unique environment with a different beauty in every season and in every shade of green?

We host you in a transparent window so that you do not stay away from the nature view outside of winter. Nar Garden, which is established on an area of 1000 square meters and can serve indoors at the same time with transparent glasses, allows you to live peaceful hours for your weddings, even at home, without meeting in four heavens.

We operate with a capacity of 750 people in our field. We equip our place with tulle in accordance with your concept, and we sign a wedding you want with flowers and dressings. Our stylish chandeliers and colorful flowers on the table are just one of the cleanings where you can feel the quality in small details.

We serve our couples who want a wedding with dinner with our expert chefs in a comprehensive kitchen. We are sure that we appeal to your taste with the menus prepared by our chefs, who have demonstrated this consumption activity for a long time and proved with their training and certificates. We can choose many options from red and white meat varieties for your menus. At the same time, we can create special children’s menus for vegan and vegetarian customers, and we can prepare menus for your children. Do not forget to serve in our facility to meet your wishes, needs and expectations in the best way!

We can also offer various campaigns for your weddings with Nar Cam Garden. At the same time, we try to think of your pocket and ensure your satisfaction in every way. You can also contact us for this campaign information.

Imagine that you want to receive a perfect service on your wedding day, which is one of the turning points in your life. We are here to inspire you to provide this excellent service with our experience and professionalism. If you would like to prefer us in these moments, you can contact us by using the contact information on the side of the page.

Dinner Capacity: 500 – 750 px
Cocktail Capacity: 1000 – 2000 px