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Would you like to create a happy future in the Indian Garden Sarıyer, located in Life Park, the new life park of Istanbul? You will find yourself in a completely different world, accompanied by the chirping of birds in our wedding venue, which is located in a lush forest valley decorated with colorful flowers. If you prefer a wedding away from the crowd and noise of the city, you are in the right place!

We have all the features needed for an extraordinary wedding, away from the daily routine of life. In addition to the details in nature, we complete the concept of your country wedding with our decorations and accessories. We make a perfect design for you to feel yourself in a different world.

In Indian Garden weddings, we make our preparations on a wooden floor. In our garden with a rustic design, you can place your tables and chairs according to the seating arrangement you want. Apart from the classic wedding decorations and decorations, you can see colorful table decorations, special presentations and different Indian touches. We also color your table with flowers and stylish candlesticks that we place on your tables. We promise a colorful environment with a small water pool right next to the wooden floor. In addition to the features required for a country wedding, we will offer many different options and aim for the best for your wedding.

If you are considering a wedding with dinner, we can offer you many different alternative menus prepared from our professional kitchen. We leave you free to choose the flavors that suit your taste. We also provide pre-wedding menu tasting and ensure that there is no question mark in your mind.

We are waiting for our couples who want to be different in our garden, which receives the best wedding invitation awards, and who want to have their wedding in a completely different environment at Indian Garden. We approach rural weddings with a different perspective, and we make sure you have unforgettable moments. All you need to do to immortalize these special moments is; to contact us using the contact information found on the side of the page. So we can start planning your night.

Dinner Capacity:
300 – 400 px

Cocktail Capacity:
500 – 700 px